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Tips for Parents

Skate care

Never leave skates in the car,  the reasons are many,  firstly at the rink recently the parents had a collection going to replace a pair of skates that were stolen out of a car while the parent went to work,  this was expensive (I contributed substantially) as the skates cost $750 to replace.   Also for family's with multi car's,  you could find the skates are in the wrong car when it is time to go to the rink and hence you end up missing a session.

Secondly the heat in summer when skates are kept in the boot tends to dry out the leather quickly and there life will be shorter,  in winter they may not dry out properly and hence this will also shorten their life.

Always take skates out of the car when you get home,  open put the bag in a place where there is good circulation and open up the bag and skates so they can dry,  never put them in the sun or the oven (unless you are heat molding them).

Skate guards and blankets

Always wipe the blades with a towel or cloth to dry them,  otherwise they will rust.  Do not place them in plastic skate guards between sessions as water accumulates in the bottom of these plastic guards and the blades will rust,  use blade blankets between sessions,  plastic skate guards are only for walking around in the rink with.  My advice is never to use plastic skate guards as nearly every day I see some skater forget to take them off and step on the ice to skate and then fall over heavily,  yes it hurts and can ruin a session of skating,  so I would say never wear them.  Do not walk with the blade blankets on,  they do not protect the blade on concrete and this will also wear holes in the blade blankets.

Don't use skating as punishment,  when you child is naughty don't say "Oh well no skating today", as you may end up punishing yourself and if you have a lesson booked your coach may charge you the lesson fee anyway.


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