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Many World and International coaches believe that teaching jumps off ice in classes and in warm ups helps accelerate on ice performance,  skaters get their jumps faster and stronger if they do off ice jumping on a regular basis.

Off ice jump classes and training is the most effective off ice training for figure skaters as it teaches skills and fitness.

Many clubs have started to implement off ice jump classes,  but there is room for improvement in these classes as there is no off ice jump curriculum or standards,  Skating associations should be striving to develop an off ice Jump class curriculum.  Many coaches do not support their skaters attending off ice jump classes,  few coaches have any experience or training in off ice class classes.   Coaching courses should include comprehensive training in off ice jump classes.   here is an off ice jump curriculum that I have developed,  please feel free to use it.

Off ice jump classes & training is 'Worlds Best Practice". 

It is not just for competitive skaters,  recreational skaters who want to land their jumps sooner and stronger can benefit.

Often coaches cannot agree on a single off ice jump class curriculum and there are many ways to teach the same skills,   if no curriculum is set then there needs to be goals and guidelines such as these,  please follow this link.

My qualifications

My experience with off ice classes dates back to my competitive years when a dance teacher visited the rink where I trained at each week,  she taught us basic jump training,  stretching and dance,  later as a coach I started teaching the stretching and jumping components and learned from other coaches,  recently Kathy Casey came to Australia in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and ran a week long seminar which included daily off ice classes which I attended and took notes,  I also visited the KW skating club in Canada for 6 weeks over Xmas 2006 and attended their off ice classes and took notes.  I have run off ice classes at St Thomas SC in 2009 and 2010 and Brant SC in 2010 and 2011.




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